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28th Gana Adhikar Foundation Day Event at Pristine, Beautiful Small town of Kalgachia in Lower Assam


By Shahjahan Talukdar, Director, Gana Adhikar Media Network

Gana Adhikar is observing its 28th Foundation Day on August 1, 2021. It has been an eventful journey for Gana Adhikar Media Network, a prestigious and publicly trusted news media institution in today’s Assam. Gana Adhikar is one of the few vibrant Assamese media born in the last century and it’s continuing to grow and expand its influence and make vast contributions to the people of Assam and beyond in their long march for progress into the new Century, the 21st Century.

The event marks the 28th year of Gana Adhikar’s marathon endeavour to inform and enlighten the ever growing number of readers, the masses and the society as a whole about live news developments across every nook and corner of the state of Assam, the Northeast region, India and beyond. Our cardinal principle of reporting the truth with unwavering courage and conviction have stood the test of time and have acted as a catalyst for triggering widespread public awareness about and delivering justice in the case of many cataclysmic and shady events of great public interest and concern that otherwise would have been irretrievably confined to the oblivion of forgotten history. The maxim, The Truth shall set you Free, has always been at the core of our brand of journalism which we have persevered to rigorously practice as we report, engage with and create a powerful voice and rampart for the masses and, in the process, strengthening one of the central institutions of a democracy, the news media.

As we continue to fearlessly report the truth as it is, in our daily newspaper Dainik Gana Adhikar and across our digital media brands GanaAdhikar.Com and our official social channels, from the metros to the remotest corners of the state, the region and beyond, we also seek the wholehearted support and blessings from each one of you reading this in our long endeavor and pro-active role as ambassador and promoter of Assamese language in the remotest corners of Assam such as the Char and so many frontiers and backwaters of the state where the native language is not Assamese. We shall continue to act as a bridge of communication and social progress between all sections and communities of Assam and beyond and continue to nurture a bright new generation of writers, journalists, academicians and budding Assamese literary personalities as we have been doing for over two and a half decades.  

As venue of the event, this year we consciously chose the serene and yet bustling, beautiful small town of Kalgachia ( in India’s Lower Assam district of Barpeta) situated amidst vast, unending lush green agricultural fields and on the bank of the sparkling tributaries negotiating through the spectacular landscape to feed the never ending thirst of the mighty Brahmaputra river. The charming and environment friendly small town of Kalgachia and its lush green surrounds with eco-friendly bi-cycles dotting its vast unending expanse of lush meadows and traditional Lungi– and Gamocha-clad fishermen in their vibrant rowing boats throwing cast nets in the sparkling water of the tributaries, are a site to behold and a must ‘get away’ destination in these times of Covid pandemic and climate change when the universal accent is on clean, organic, healthy and eco-friendly space.

It’s our firm hope that Gana Adhikar’s 28th Foundation Day event in the idyllic town of Kalgachia will throw spotlight on and around one more pristine town of Assam tucked in the lap of nature with its own unique and rich culture, tradition and way of life integral to the pluralistic tradition and multi-cultural ethos and moorings of Assam.

The 28th Foundation day event will bring under one roof a host of eminent personalities and speakers, dignitaries, patrons, readers and viewers and well wishers from all walks of life both from across the state as well as Kalgachia.

The day-long event is expected to be an enlightening and intellectually stimulating one as well as engaging for visiting guests, hosts and the masses at the grassroots. From the cross-cultural exchange during the event in the beautiful small town of Kalgachia, Gana Adhikar Media Network expects to help rejuvenate, forge and send across a multi-dimensional message of great hope, societal harmony and unity in times of crisis that has struck humankind not only in Assam and the country but globally.

( The Writer is Director of Gana Adhikar Media Network and a prominent Journalist and Social Worker. He can be reached over Phone or WhatsApp on +91 – 940111 4444 )


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