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Gana Adhikar Media Network is a publicly trusted independent news media network.  With over 27 plus years of consistently delivering news and wide ranging opinions from across the spectrum, Gana Adhikar Media Network has firmly established itself as a beacon of news with integrity.  

Over the years, we have been continuously forging a vibrant relationship with ever growing and diverse news consumers with our digital media, video and entertainment contents and products, Assamese daily multi-color broad-sheet print media newspaper , news website, social media channels and periodical publications.

Our premier News Media Brands are  : GanaAdhikar.Com | Dainik Gana Adhikar newspaper | Gana Adhikar Publications

Info on our daily broadsheet print media : 

Widely recognized by its readers and followers as The Voice of People of Assam, it’s a vibrant and popular Assamese international size multi-color, broad-sheet daily NEWSPAPER with ever expanding reach and committed Readership and online Followers across Assam , other six states of North-East India and beyond .

 Launch of Daily Gana Adhikar’s digital contents on Facebook and consistent updates of our Digital web contents and editions, are attracting a new generation of followers hailing from the Assamese Diaspora spread across India and the world, professionals, youth, students and women hailing from a broad range of income and age categories.

Our highly acclaimed and popular products include both daily print media, online media contents besides a wide array of highly acclaimed and popular print products such as periodicals, hardcover and paperback books on special issues, special events and host of festivals such as Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid etc. 

About Dainik GANA ADHIKAR – The Voice of People of Assam :

Dainik GANA ADHIKAR is a popular Assamese daily NEWSPAPER in Assam and Northeast India. Daily Gana Adhikar has mass reach and rapidly growing committed Readership and Followers across Assam and other six states of North-East India and beyond. With its own distinct style, design and contents , Daily Gana Adhikar offers a unique blend of daily news on Assam and its people, national news, international news, politics, culture and comment, opinion of people of Assam, drawing on the vast editorial resources of Daily Gana Adhikar. 

Our News Website : www.ganaadhikar.com | Our Daily Newspaper : Dainik Gana Adhikar | Our Facebook Page : /Gana Adhikar  | Our Twitter Id : @GanaAdhikar